We are a small, but quickly growing company that is passionate about alternative investments or "alts". These are the investments that people aren't thinking of - trading cards, comics, video games, farmland. If it's different and can make you money, we're into it! We're looking for team members to join us in our investing journey. Whether it's learning all you ever wanted to know about NFTs (not sure what these are? Don't worry, we'll help!) or allowing others to invest alongside us, there are plenty of roles. All we ask is that you be curious and open to thinking about the alternative way to do things!

  • Mobile phone (or $300 cash, if not needed)

  • $1,000 stipend to get ready for the job (office furniture, laptop, etc.)

  • Pre-tax childcare vouchers

  • Access to free counseling/therapy

  • Health, vision, and dental for employee and family

  • Paid for co-working space if employee wants it



Our Team

Meet the Alts.co Team

  • Stefan von Imhof


  • Wyatt Cavalier

    Chief Investment Officer

  • Brian Jacques

    Head of Finance/Ops

  • Grace Carter Cavalier

    Head of Community